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It can’t quite decide if it’s raining or misting or just a bit foggy out today. What the Irish call “soft”, and what I call a good excuse to stay inside. You’d feel like an ass carrying an umbrella, but you’re still going to get wet on a bike.

That being said, there is something very lovely about sitting out on the balcony, under the awning, wrapped up in a blanket with a steaming cup of green tea. Soft Saturday mornings. I’ll take them.


1. It’s Sunday.

2. This means all places of business are closed in Germany, save elusive ‘special’ Kaisers which will open, seemingly at will and at random, for four hours on a Sunday afternoon.

3. This is not that Sunday afternoon.

4. Normally not a big deal, except I am out of pasta. Actually, I’m out of just about everything – the fridge has a half stick of cucumber and some ginger root – but I do have the cupboard staples needed to make a cheap, basic, super garlicky marinara sauce.

5. Except for the pasta, meant to be a vehicle for the garlic.

6. That stinks. (Both the kitchen and the lack of pasta, which is like the only cupboard staple you should never run out of, ever, and how did I forget this lesson from my college years??)

7. Guess I’m going to a späti. In sweatpants. Ignoring looks from kids out buying beer on their way to the bar, which is what the späti is for.

8. Happy Mother’s Day. 

9. That seems ironic, in a way I can’t quite put my finger on.