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How many times can I listen to The National’s new album (Trouble Will Find Me) in a row?

I’m going to find out.

The National are probably something of a wet dream to the music industry. They’re on their 5th (?) album by now, with a distinctive sound (Berninger’s low baritone is instantly recognizable). They have good solid records, a radio-friendly sound, still appreciated by critics and music geeks and groupies alike, and they work well together.

I kind of wonder how long this can go on for. How long can a band make the same ‘kind of’ sound, and how many albums can they make in a row without a) going nuts b) killing each other c) getting bored? I have trouble getting bored writing 300 words a day for a blog, for goodness sakes.

It helps that they have other projects (documentaries, playing a single song for 12 hours in a row, dunno, drugs maybe? Fatherhood?) I’m still impressed, and I’m still listening to their album. (Four spins on day one.) But five dudes in a tour bus? That is a lot of testosterone, and I’m impressed. Gentleman, I take my cap off to you, and to Pink Rabbits. Nice job.


Kind of in love with him.

Long hair, stubble, soulful gaze out into the distance – he’s like a cartoon of someone your mother warned you about! And he plays guitar! And he’s about 7 feet tall, according to pictures with his other band members, Band of Horses. (You might know about them too).

I found his solo music through the kind of ‘related artist’ hopping that Spotify is good for, and I like it. I like Band of Horses too, though it kinda makes me want to slit my wrists in a bathtub at times. (City & Color is bad for that too.) But I love Ramsey and his weird, lonely little mule deer album cover:

(It’s like he’s listening and wants you to come over.)

In the odd way of too-much-information-available-on-the-internet, I found myself googling Ramsey, trying to find out a) how old he is and b) if he had a girlfriend, as if either fact would ever be relevant. I will never meet or speak to him, and even if I tried to, his beard might muffle all sound:

But he’s still purty, and his music is pretty solid so far.