About Me


So you decided to explore further. Well, you’re not gonna find much here.

As you probably got already, I live in Berlin. I came here to write a novel and be creative (take that to mean whatever you will). I have a website with my actual name and identity, but it got stressful to know how incredibly google-able I was becoming. Plus my mother reads that blog. I was censoring myself heavily and it got more annoying than anything to present a safe, sanitized version of my life online for my audience of friends and family and former coworkers.

Writing is all about voice, and I moved to Berlin to find mine. This super-secret blog is my attempt to write just for fun, without editing, without censorship, without pressure. As far as I can tell, I’m just screaming into the ether (like the rest of the interwebs). I’ll try not to haev shoddy, crppy spelling or WARN ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE THAT IS COMING YOU WILL ALL KNOW THE TRUTH THEN.

I post when I feel like it, when I have something to say, which could be every twenty minutes or stretch into long, uncomfortable awkward silences. It’s an experiment; I’ll throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

Hope you enjoy.