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Good intentions really are just that – and a commitment to a writing practice has the same trajectory as “I’m actually going to stick to a budget this month.” Days spill into each other, become weeks, and you somehow arrive at the point where it’s easier to just start over with a new, different commitment this time.

So fine. I’m just going to keep writing, even if it’s bad, even if it’s pointless. I’ll consider it a daily vacuum sweep of the mind, which it probably needs, after I spent an hour looking at movie trailers on youtube last night. (I prefer trailers to actual movies, since you really do get most of the plot and premise in about 5 minutes, instead of committing an entire hour and a half to some media moguls idea of what women find funny. Hint: they’re usually not.)

This time, my trailer mash up blurred a whole bunch of emotional music- pretty people running through fields – kisses in the rain scenes, leaving me with the impression that I had in fact already watched an entire movies-worth of screen time.

  1. I have a general commitment to write 1000 words a day. Sometimes I miss a day and then write 2000+ or even more on some good days.

    So generally I’m ticking along. I have other things I’m writing also, so even if my main project isn’t being worked on something else is, a short story or three, a poem, a blog article etc.

    It’s easy to get caught up in a one project mentality.

  2. alexlaisser says:

    yeah, I try to hit similar #s. 1000 words a day is the goal, but blogging almost doesn’t seem to count – my posts are usually so short! Haha I try to keep it bite sized and just keep. on. doing. it. Let’s cross our fingers for those good days…

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