If you are a gay Star Trek fan, you are going to love Into Darkness.  The whole movie is basically a love song between Kirk and Spock.

They start with a quarrel:

Possibly some jealousy issues:

And then, in the usual course of Hollywood taking over science fiction, there’s a severe over-simplification of engine mechanics and spaceflight. Lots of big red stop buttons, running through corridors on tilted camera angles, and a scene where we are expected to believe that Kirk needs to kick a piece of machinery to restore full power to the Enterprise. Seriously?? That works? I knew my mechanic was ripping me off.

Kirk and Spock reconcile:

It’s very sweet, and much more believable than his reconciliation with Uhura. Do they look happy? No, they don’t look happy:

Then Spock goes forth to avenge his lover, er, captain:

And, well, I think I’ve given away enough of the plot already and we know it’ll all work out in the end, so you can put the rest together for yourself. Whatev’s. Pine, Quinto, and Cumberbatch are all pretty fine, so I don’t mind watching them sweat over each other for a few hours. There’s a great chase scene which is nothing more than gratuitous Quinto-butt-ogling.

It would be nice to see the female characters do more than have Daddy issues and shoot phasers in mini-skirts, but apparently in the year 27billion Scotty also still runs around with a flip cell phone so I guess the future’s not all that advanced.


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