Why hello, 2 am, you old cunt

Posted: May 11, 2013 in life in berlin
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Actually, it’s closer to 3.

Berlin has the sort of nightlife you don’t associate with German efficiency. You meet up with friends around 11, hit the club by 2 at the earliest, and the cool kids just take a nap and roll up to Berghain at 6 am. It’s an insomniacs wet dream, in a way – can’t sleep? Well, nothing is closed.

My body seems to recognize that it’s Friday (despite the fact that I don’t, um, work), and further seems to think that sleep before Saturdays dawn is a colossal waste of time. And I’m like, I fed you bitch! I gave you booze and took you out – who says we never go anywhere? Now go the fuck to sleep.

There’s a cranky toddler in me (and toddlers like to dance), but the adult here would like to be able to speak in something above a hoarse whisper tomorrow. So I started this blog instead. You’re welcome, interwebs.


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